In 2020, a survey revealed most pregnant women do not feel well informed about the different settings they might choose for birth. All women have a choice about where to birth, and what support (or space) is wanted. This section provides information to support you.

To stay as safe and well as possible through your birth experience, it is important to choose the right setting for labour and birth. No midwife or doctor can decide for you because it depends on what's important for you. With birth, like any important life event, nobody can guarantee that everything will go smoothly, but by finding out the facts and making plans, there is the best chance it will.

Choosing your birth setting explains what we mean by birth settings, and which is safest depending on your wishes and circumstances.

birthrights provides information on your legal rights when choosing where to birth

Using our interactive map you can explore different birth settings in Kent and Medway which, along with homebirth, can be considered for your birth.