During the pandemic, your NHS maternity service is still here for you. 

You can register yourself with a local midwife directly.

In Kent & Medway, there are four NHS organisations providing maternity care to the women and families in Kent & Medway. You can make an online referral by clicking on the areas below.

Most women will register with their local maternity service, but within the NHS you can choose which organisation will provide your care.  

The NHS.uk website provides information on all maternity services you could access, should you choose.

Whichever maternity service provides your care, you have a choice about where to have your baby.

Within Kent & Medway, all four maternity services provide:

  • Regular antenatal (pregnancy) appointments
  • Support for births at home, in a midwife-led unit (birth centre) and an obstetric unit (hospital birth)
  • Postnatal (after the birth) appointments (either at home, in a local clinic or hospital).

If you are thinking about home birth, please register with your local maternity service.  Restrictions can change so it’s important to have a few different plans depending on what might change.

If you wish to book into maternity services outside of your local area, such as a birth centre for your birth, then please check with the organisation to find out your options for receiving antenatal care. Postnatal care is normally provided by your local organisation.

For most women giving birth in Kent & Medway, community midwives provide antenatal and postnatal care. During the birth, a separate team of midwives provide care. Maternity services are introducing ‘continuity of carer’ teams where ‘continuity’ midwives look after women through all stages of their maternity care, including the birth. Once you are registered, your midwife will let you know if this is available in your area.