‘Kangaroo Care’ involves placing your baby skin-to-skin against you or your partner’s chest. This close, physical contact helps to give your baby the best possible start and create a special bond between you. 

Award winning research carried out by Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust has found that Kangaroo care helps small and premature babies born at 34 weeks go home earlier.  Find out more about Kangaroo care.

No special equipment is needed for kangaroo care – just you (or partner) and your baby. But a KangaWrap may be helpful to have your baby skin to skin, whilst keeping your hands free.  

This is a specially designed wrap that was developed by midwives at Maidstone and Tunbridge wells NHS Trust. It enables you or your partner to move around with your arms and hands left free, whilst having kangaroo cuddles - with your baby in a safe position.  Find out more about  KangaWraps ​​​​​​

Here is what some parents have said about the KangaWraps

“Matthew seemed settled and happy to be close to one of us. It made us realise how much he needs us.”   Steve, new dad

“I loved Kangaroo care. It helped my baby to grow and get better. It also helped us to get home quicker.”  Carianne and baby Humphrey