That very first bath is such a lovely way to bond with your baby but do remember that not all babies love baths to start with.

Some parents prefer to wait a few days before washing their baby. If your baby was born with vernix still on their skin, it’s recommended to leave it to sink in, as it acts like a moisturiser. 

Daily bathing is not necessary for your baby’s sensitive skin; some parents prefer to just clean your baby's face, neck, hands and nappy area every day. 

Being prepared for baby’s bath time is key. You don’t have to buy a baby bath if you don’t want to - some parents prefer to use a large, shaped baby sponge instead, especially if they don’t have a lot of storage space.

Make sure the room is warm and have towels ready for when they’ve had enough of the bath as being in the water can often tire babies out. Make sure the water is warm enough but not hot and mix it well.

Lower him or her slowly into the water, supporting the head and shoulders and keeping their head away from the water. In the first month, it’s recommended that you only use plain water, as your baby’s skin is very sensitive. 

That preparation is key as it’s never safe to leave your baby in the bath alone, even for a moment. If your baby doesn’t enjoy bathing, you could try having a bath together. Many mums and babies enjoy bath time feeds and it’s a lovely way to have skin to skin contact. It’s best to have someone to help you with getting the baby in and out if you want to bath together.