Second or subsequent pregnancies can be quite different, and you may feel more tired if you are looking after a toddler or older child, with less time to rest and relax. 

You may experience different symptoms than in any previous pregnancy, and this is quite normal.  Every baby and every pregnancy are different. Take a look at the common pregnancy symptoms for more information. 

It may be that you find that your bump gets bigger sooner, as your stomach muscles have been stretched before in your first pregnancy. You may experience more Braxton Hicks, and possibly earlier in pregnancy. Your labour and birth may also be quicker this time, particularly if the spacing between births is two years or less.  

  • Ask a family or friends to help with chores to give you a break
  • If your baby/toddler has a sleep, then try to sit down and rest or take a nap at the same time
  • Take care of yourself and recognise that you can't be a perfect parent all the time.
  • Eating well and keeping active will help you to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Look at My healthy pregnancy for more information.

A gift from your toddler or child for the new baby is a lovely way to create the first bond and help them feel included.

If your previous birth experience makes you feel anxious, then speak to your midwife who will be able to refer you for extra support. 

You may have strong views about the experiences that you want or wish to avoid during this pregnancy and birth. Make sure that you discuss this with your midwife. Your preferences are important and need to be heard.