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Not everyone is in a relationship with an intimate partner when having a baby, and some of the points here apply to any close friends or family members who support you and may share the care of your baby. 

Bringing a new life into the world can be a magical life event, and an exciting experience to share with your partner. At the same time, by bringing in another person to your world, someone small who needs lots of time and attention, things won’t be the same. Life with a baby is challenging and can be very tiring. It is very easy for resentments to build up and cause distance in a relationship.

To protect your relationship, it can be a good idea to notice the patterns you get into right from the start and work on good habits. If your partner is unhappy with how things are working out, do you try and justify things? Or are you able to show your partner that you hear their point of view? If your partner is sharing their challenges, are you confident you know whether they want help finding solutions, or just a comforting ear. 

It is hard sometimes to hear your partner talking about things that bother them in your lives together. It can trigger anger, or you might feel upset.  You will probably want to defend yourself. This can lead to arguments. For good communication, you need to show you have heard and understood their point of view. Then you can have a better discussion. Choose another time to ask for what you need. Most of the time, it only takes small changes to make a big difference.