Around half of pregnancies are unplanned. If your pregnancy is unplanned, there are three options available to you:

  • to continue the pregnancy and raise your child
  • to end the pregnancy with an abortion
  • to continue the pregnancy and consider adoption or fostering.

You may need support with these choices. You may know how you feel, or you may be working it out. You might want practical information about these choices. Support is available, whatever your own situation and feelings.

MSI Reproductive Choices provides care for women in Kent and Medway who have an unplanned pregnancy. (MSI Reproductive Choices was previously known as Marie Stopes International).

In Kent and Medway, anyone with an unexpected positive pregnancy test can receive private counselling through MSI Reproductive Choices at no charge. Phone 0345 300 8090 to book. Consultations with health advisors are also available to discuss possible procedures.

For those under 25 years old, Brook provides information to support your thoughts and choices. It can also provide counselling.

All counselling will be respectful and non-judgemental, and you will be encouraged to make the right decisions for you.